See what others are saying…

“Cammie was a joy to work with. Receptive to new ideas, up for trying things. It was a pleasure to arrange the songs.”
– Andrew M. Pisanu

“Quietly soulful, hauntingly beautiful.”
– J.B. Lewis

“The music helped enhance a mood I needed: quiet, internal.”
– Dr. Jeffrey Price

“The sometimes ethereal, other times aphotic tones that flow from Cammie’s mind keep me enthralled, making me ponder the thoughts of the musician and her simple genius.”
- Levi Neely

“With cascading keyboards, Cammie creates intense confessional songs that feel both personal and universal. Although she often works as a solo artist, her collaborations with other musicians also bring about powerful results.”
– Brian Wilson

“Her lyricism is of a weathered soul, and her soundscapes of piano & guitar paint an abstraction of humanity in ill repair – gravel roads in the wind of a void of a wayward journey.”
– “Bongo” John Metcalf

“It’s very rare to come across a voice that is mature, original and very beautiful in its own right. Cammie’s voice and music is almost trance inducing and I fall under her spell every time I hear it.”
- Kieran, Iko